Saturday, May 19, 2007

Word Beads

This looks like a fun one. Maybe it will actually get me writing something again. Its been way too long since I've actually tried to write something. The last thing I wrote was for my father's funeral in September and that was something that I just 'had' to do. It wasn't anything that I actually felt inspired by - on the contrary, it actually sapped much of my creative juices. Let's try this and see what I come up with.

Word Beads On Sentence Strings

"Each week, this space will present 5 words, randomly pulled from a dictionary of approximately 10000 basic English words. (For convenience, words are linked to their definitions at

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to string the words below with other words of your choosing to fashion a sentence, several sentences, a paragraph, several paragraphs, a poem, or even a short story."

List of words originally posted May 13, 2007:

It doesn't take a pacifist to see we don't belong in Iraq. We don't belong in this fight. Not now. Not ever. We all thought it would just take a little longer for the acclimatization to democracy to happen for the Iraqis, but it is apparent now that things just aren't going to change. At least not fast enough for our stomachs.

The clock keeps ticking down the days and the situation just keeps getting worse. The President has spent most of his political currency on this war and the American people aren't going to let him and the Republicans keep running up the tab. The voters spoke loud and clear in the last election. Something is going to have to give, but the question is, what? Are we going to be stuck holding out until a new administration takes office or is Congress going to eventually take a stand and do something that actually gets us out of this mess?