Friday, June 8, 2007

Friday Fun

Which would be your idea of fun,…?

1. A mani/pedi or mountain biking? mani/pedi and massage too please.

2. A day at the beach or a day on the slopes? The beach! I HATE the cold.

3. Dinner at a 5 star restaurant or homecooking at a diner? 5 star all the way

4. Coffee and a good book at a coffee shop or a cold drink and a good book in the park? Either would be nice depending on the weather, but I'd prefer to go to the park.

5. Musical theater a Broadway or a movie in the theater? Broadway

6. An evening at the opera or a rock concert? Rock concert. I'm not that cultured.

7. Manilow or Metallica?
Metallica - I've always been a bit of a metal chick.