Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Take Me Back Tuesdays #124

Musical Recall 5, 10 & 15

What were your favorite songs albums or artists or all three....5 years ago....10 years ago.....15 years ago.....? (That would be 2002, 1997 and 1992)

Wow, that's a tough one. I had to cheat and look a list up on Billboard. Here goes:

2002 - POD (Youth of a Nation), Pink (Lets Get the Party Started & Just Like a Pill), Creed (My Sacrifice), Sheryl Crow (Soak Up the Sun), some stuff by Eminem, Goo Goo Dolls, and Matchbox Twenty, Tori Amos (A Sorta Fairytale album), and Hero (Spiderman Soundtrack)

1997 - Jewel (Foolish Games), Verve Pipe (The Freshman), Paula Cole (Where Have All the Cowboys Gone), No Doubt (Don't Speak), Dave Matthews Band (Crash), Sheryl Crow (Everyday Is A Winding Road), Matchbox Twenty (Yourself or Someone Like You album), Sarah McLachlan (Surfacing album)

1992 (that was a great year!) - Sir Mix Alot (Baby Got Back), Sophie B Hawkins (Damn, I Wish I Was Your Lover), Patty Smyth w/ Don Henley (Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough), Guns & Roses (November Rain), Prince (Diamonds & Pearls), Nirvana (Smells Like Teen Spirit), Shakespear's Sister (Stay), Richard Marx (Hazard), Def Leppard (Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad & Let's Get Rocked), Annie Lenox (Walking On Broken Glass), Saigon Kick (Love Is On the Way), Ugly Kid Joe (Everything About You), Mr Big (Just Take My Heart), Soup Dragons (Divine Thing), Van Halen (Right Now)

Some of my all time favorites are in red. Boy, does that bring back memories....