Wednesday, June 13, 2007

8 Random Facts About Me

Apparently I've been tagged so I guess I should let you know a bit more about me. Thanks Amazing Gracie. I know I'm supposed to tag some people too, but I'm not sure yet if I'm going to do that. On the other hand, if you want to be tagged, just let me know and I'll be more than happy to oblige.

1. I love to travel - particularly anywhere a beach and the ocean are involved. One of my goals in life is try to visit all the islands of the Caribbean. My mom, hubby and I are going on a cruise on Royal Caribbean's Serenade of the Seas this December, so I'll be able to check 3 more islands off my list. The ship goes to St Thomas (been there), St Maarten (been there too), Antigua, Barbados, and St Lucia.

2. I'm a bit of a foodie. We love to go to the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY for dinner at least once or twice a year. They have a beautiful campus and 4 restaurants and a cafe to choose from. My favorite there is Escoffier, which is their french restaurant. The students basically run the restaurants as a way of getting real world experience so its fun to see all the fresh faced 20 year olds trying to get everything just perfect.

3. As a teenager, I was a bit of a metal-head. 80's - 90's hair bands are my passion (Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, Warrant, Poison). I was a bit of a groupie for Poison back in HS. I probably would have gotten into a lot more trouble with that if I had a car to follow them to different shows in. My mother thought it was excessive to go to 2 shows on the same tour, let alone my desire to wander around the northeast chasing after them. The highlight of my life at the time was getting backstage (twice!) and getting front row tickets once. My best friend's arm is actually in the video for Ride the Wind. lol

4. I'm still trying to find my 'career' path. For my undergraduate degree I went for Political Science (started at Drexel University in PA and transferred back home to Manhattanville College in NY). I ended up getting minors in Computer Science and Business Administration since I discovered too late that it was a useless degree (unless you are going pre-law or want to move to DC or a state capital). Then I went to Pace University for my MBA in Management Information Systems. I have since figured out that I really have no real desire to work in that field either so it has turned out to be a huge waste of money for me. If someone would pay me to be a perpetual student, that would fit me nicely. I'd be happy to send my resume if anyone knows of such an opening.

5. I love to read. Anne Rice is my favorite author. I started reading her stuff in HS when I basically wanted to be a vampire. Or at least a witch. What can I say, I was a strange kid.

6. As a teenager, I wanted to be a model. I had the metabolism of a bullet train, weighed about 100lbs as a senior in HS, and had good cheek bones. This might give you the impression that I was well suited for modeling. Unfortunately, I stopped growing at 5'5 so I was terribly short for it. The only go-see I ever was put up for was for underwear and my mother didn't want me to go. Its probably just a well. I had nothing to fill out the tops with at that age anyway. Don't hate me though. I'm twice my age now and almost twice the size.

7. I'll take a cue from Gracie and tell you that I'm a liberal in most ways. I consider myself agnostic and I'm a registered Democrat. In high school I was the resident Democrat - everyone else claimed to be Republicans, although I think that most of them said it because their parents were. Whenever the teacher wanted the 'opposing' view point from what the rest of the class was saying, he just called on me. This started my love of debate. I can argue a point from morning until night without getting tired of it. The most frustrating thing for me is people that take a viewpoint for granted because someone (parents, church, etc) told them it should be that way and they never bothered to consider the issue for themselves. What good is having a brain if you aren't going to use it? Just don't get me started. :wink:

8. My biggest concern in life at the moment is where I'm going to live. My husband and I currently live in a co-op that is owned by my mother (she doesn't live there anymore). She has had it on the market for about a year now and finally found a buyer. Now we have to look for a new place and we're not exactly sure where to go. Renting a place is going to be close to double what we have been paying. I'd like to buy a small house, but in this area it is so expensive! A tiny 2 bedroom house is about $300,000 in the least expensive parts here. We're probably going to have to go to Putnam county which is about an hour from our jobs, but at least we may be able to afford something.