Friday, June 15, 2007

Friday's Feast #148

Fill in the blank: The best thing about where I live is _________________…
I think I just answered this recently for another meme so I'll try and answer a bit differently this time. I would say the ability to do just about anything or get whatever you want easily. Within an hour or so of here are: the Catskill Mountains (skiing, hiking, hunting), the Hudson Valley (farms, wineries, historical sites), the ocean (swimming, boating, fresh seafood, the beach), NYC (Broadway shows, fine dining, museums, shopping, art, and just about anything else you'd want). Westchester even has slot machines and horse racing at Yonkers Raceway and its own amusement park at Playland in Rye.

Create a new name for a deodorant (like “Flower Fresh” or “Shower Scent”).
I never understood why most deodorants now sound like the weather - Artic Chill, Ocean Breeze, Spring Mist. Who came up with unscented? It does smell like something, doesn't it. Ok, I'm getting off on a tangent here... I guess I'd go with something like Simply Pure. You could have a whole line - Simply Powder, Simply Floral, Simply Musk. It could work.

What was the last piece of software you installed onto your computer?
I'm sure it was a silly trial game from MSN or Big Fish, although I have no idea which one.

Main Course
If you were to receive a superlative award today beginning with the words ”Most likely to…”, what would the rest of the phrase say?
Most likely to retire to a tropical island. That sounds good to me.

What two colors do you like to wear together?
I really like pink and brown together, but most of my stuff seems to be blue, black and grey.