Saturday, June 2, 2007

Saturday Special #2

Picture Perfect
Fill In The Blanks (Try Using Photos)

1. A picture perfect day is ______?:

An ocean side spa treatment. I can almost hear the water now. :sigh: Can someone hand me a pina colada?

2. A picture perfect dinner is ______?:
So many things could fit this for me. I guess if I could have anything I wanted right now, I'd go for a raw bar platter. The fresher the better. Oh and you gotta have horseradish for the oysters. Plain cocktail sauce won't cut it. Top it off with a chocolate souffle for dessert.

3. A picture perfect evening is ______?:

Dinner at Asolare on St. John, USVI. This was the most perfect evening out that we had on one of our trips. A breath taking view, good food, and a really nice bartender made for a perfect night.

4. A picture perfect vacation is _____?:

Turtle Island, Fiji. This is where we spent the glorious days of our honeymoon in 2002. Afternoon naps on the porch of our bure were perfect relaxation. Evening cocktails with a cheese platter in our private hot tub were perfectly decadent and having a private beach to ourselves were perfect seclusion.