Saturday, June 2, 2007

Mundane Monday

Better late than never, I suppose. I've been out of town since last Saturday at my MIL's in the Blackhills Mtns of VA. Very quiet and relaxing, but I don't like going unconnected for so long. Unless of course its a REAL vacation.

Name the 3 Places…

you would like to live:

  1. I suppose if I could choose anywhere, I'd go for a Caribbean island. I don't know which one in particular yet as I haven't gotten to them all, but it would have to be a better connected island where english is the primary language. Maybe St. Thomas or somewhere in the BVI's.
  2. California in the LA suburbs.
  3. Florida - preferably in the Keys.

you would definitely not live:

  1. Anywhere in the middle east. Too restrictive on women's rights.
  2. Alaska. No offense to anyone that actually lives there, but its too damn cold for my blood, as you can tell from my previous answers.
  3. Manhattan, the Bronx, Staten Island or Brooklyn. I hate the congestion of the city and could probably add most other large cities to the list, but NYC is just what I'm familar with. Some areas of Queens I could deal with, but not the rest.

that are your dream vacation spots:

  1. The Galapagos Islands. I've seem to have discovered a previously untapped desire to be around nature and animals, even though I'm physically unsuited for it. African safari also feeds into this vein.
  2. Tibet. The temples and religion of the area are fascinating to me.
  3. Bali - Good diving, nice beaches, great spas. What else can a girl want?