Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Tuesday Twosome

What two things influenced the choice of your present job?
It was less stressful than the last job that I had (at the local airport) and it had regular office hours - these were the two biggest things. That and it was 2 miles from my house when I started (the company moved 20 minutes away since then).

What two things do you enjoy the most about your job?
Ummm, no stress is nice. Also, I can pretty much do everything without getting involved with anyone else. Nobody bugs me too much.

What two things do you dislike the most about your job?
Some of my co-workers can be challenging to get along with. They just can't seem to mind their business when things have nothing to do with them. Also, I mostly file so it gets pretty boring.

What two jobs/professions would you like to try out?
Travel agent and author.

What two jobs would/could you “never” do?

I don't think I could ever be a doctor or a vet. I've been around sick family members most of my life and its just too hard watching what people go through. As far as the animals go, I wouldn't be able to put one down - I would just be too miserable.