Thursday, June 7, 2007

Booking Through Thursday - Encore

Almost everyone can name at least one author that you would love just ONE more book from. Either because they’re dead, not being published any more, not writing more, not producing new work for whatever reason . . . or they’ve aged and aren’t writing to their old standards any more . . . For whatever reason, there just hasn’t been anything new (or worth reading) of theirs and isn’t likely to be.

If you could have just ONE more book from an author you love . . . a book that would be as good any of their best (while we’re dreaming) . . . something that would round out a series, or finish their last work, or just be something NEW . . . Who would the author be, and why? Jane Austen? Shakespeare? Laurie Colwin? Kurt Vonnegut?

I can answer that in an instant. Anne Rice and I'd want another book from the Vampire Chronicles series. The last few that she wrote seemed to be written just to satisfy her contractual obligations. I'd love to read another story with the same passion it in as the earlier books - particularly the first 3 (Interview With a Vampire, The Vampire Lestat, and Queen Of the Damned). But alas, this isn't likely to happen. She claims that books dealing with the occult are not in her future because they conflict with her religion.