Thursday, June 7, 2007

Jericho Saved!

Ever since CBS decided to cancel the post-nuclear drama Jericho, there has been a crusade on to save it. The network basically made the same bone-headed decision to cancel it after it lost too many viewers when it returned from the long hiatus. It is the same thing that happened to the more popular Heroes. In response, fans of the show mobilized, trying to change the fate of their beloved show.

Well, CBS has finally come to its senses. After petitions, letter writing, and even the massive delivery of nuts (symbolic reference to a scene in the final episode - watch it here) to the network, CBS has agreed to resurrect Jericho - at least for now. They have decided to bring it back for 7 episodes as a mid-season replacement and will re-air the series over the summer. Finally, network powers that be recognize that even they are not infallible.

The fight is not over yet though. Jericho must increase its viewership or it will once again perish. Since there isn't much else on during the summer season other than some silly reality shows (even one on bingo), please watch when they replay the episodes if you haven't already seen them (or watch again and catch stuff you might have missed). And more importantly, watch when they give us season 2. The future depends on you!