Thursday, June 7, 2007

Tags, Tags and More Tags!

What is it with designer/stores and the crazy amount of tags that they find necessary to put on our clothing? I bought a new pair of pants yesterday and thought I'd like to wear them this morning. Stupid me, I didn't take the tags off last night. I waited until this morning to do it. I counted no fewer than 6 tags on one pair of pants!

  1. Size tag that they sew with the tiny white threads to the waist of the pants. You need a nail scissor to get this off or you will be there for 5 minutes on this one alone.
  2. Inventory control tag that is attached inside the thigh.
  3. Normal size tag on inside.
  4. Washing instructions
  5. Brand label
  6. And of course the good 'ol price tag with the tiny plastic baggie of buttons that I'll put somewhere never to be found again.

Luckily, since they weren't jeans, I was saved the embarrassment of the foot long sticky thing with the size and cut running down the back of the leg. You know, the one I always forget to remove and go out of the house advertising to the world that I wear a delicate size 16. Yes, I really want everyone to know my size just in case they didn't already notice that I'm on the larger side.